Our proposal to Pepsi for a grant.
Our purpose is generate money for local food pantries and Inns Program.
These community based programs provides food and shelter for the homeless people.

World Stage Karaoke Showcase
Internet Karaoke Shows
Grant money is needed for Setup, Production Cost and Prizes

Mission: To bring the community together to help those less fortunate.
Our experienced event staff will provide a wholesome entertainment production.

World Stage Karaoke today viewed by millions on a network of websites, lead by the International site Clipser.com is dedicated to showcasing singers, clubs and hosts; The WSKS-TV show is broadcast in Milwaukee plus Kenosha Community Media both on Channel 14. Computer software has 'Set the Stage' for 'Artistic Karaoke Performances' receiving priceless worldwide exposure!!! Like everything in life, you must make a choice to comment yourself. If your ready to move towards a more fulfilling life, take directions from people who are where you want to be. Love is the most powerful force on earth and in the heavens! That's why people want to be a Star!...We share our love with those who value performing 'In the Big Time'

Introducing karaoke singers to a world audience in HD technology has opened the media door establishing one of the top websites, karaoke people visit to be entertained! Singers have a personalized special voice like never before; making it possible by the most powerful communication network in history to become known to a 'Global Audience'. The Wisconsin Internet powers this website with full bandwidth and superior knowledge to deliver a profession quality showcase to singers, clubs and business sponsors who demand the best! Worldstagekaraoke.com has been our name and URL since 2000. A Digital BroadcastHD System over a Global Network! Watch our videos produced live in nightclubs located through out the Midwest area...GOD Bless America!

"World Stage Karaoke Showcase"
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Whether using this website for Business, Pleasure or just plain fun! Worldstage Karaoke Dot Com can broadcast you anywhere by featuring a photo, personal profile and your own live or studio karaoke recorded performances. Now is the time for the world to see you shine!

The Beatles music had such power when they hit the scene in the early 60's...I was turn on with a direction in life to go to share in that excitement! I did everything they did except become famous! People need a stage to show their talents or just be counted as somebody. I have learned much about show business and it is very hard to become a truly famous star. I know what it takes and that's why showcasing talent on the internet is important work to me. I wish I had a place to go like this if only there was one when I started. People want to be recognized for something they do well; it's very important for the health of a persons well being...I will fill the void for the new generation of singers that are blessed with the gift of music as I was! Watch my video's and send me your comments!